Wednesday, 14 October 2015


nce in life, I made a very costly mistake. Some people do. That's by the way. What matters most in life is not what mistake we've made in life: It's what happened next, what followed. Sometimes we make mistakes but instead of arising from the mud, from the dirt, cleaning up our mess and starting afresh with our life, we continue to ruminate about the past.

People make mistakes in business, their careers, academics, relationships... These misdoings have a way of boomeranging on us, our family, loved ones. It could arise from making a wrong decision in business, finding yourself in the wrong group, associating with the wrong person, engaging in a harmful lifestyle.

                          Here are some reasons why people make mistakes 

  • Some learn better by experience.
  • Their are individuals who refuse advice.
  • Sometimes, we prefer self satisfaction and pleasure to paying the price for something we want and need.
  •  Already mentioned, but when we find ourselves in the wrong groups, we tend to do things just to measure up that we'll regret later in life.

 from what I've gathered here are someways to manage mistakes

                                 18 Ways To manage mistakes

  1. Accept responsibility.
  2. Share it with a higher mind.
  3. Do self evaluation: what really happened?
  4. Examine your life.
  5.  Arise from the mistake.
  6. Accept constructive criticisms.
  7. Avoid a repeat of your mistakes.
  8. Abide by instruction.
  9. Accept to give up what made you fall.
  10. Associate with right thinking persons.
  11. Apply for help.
  12. Accommodate lessons from other people's mistakes.
  13. Avoid unnecessary comparisons.
  14. Acquire knowledge.
  15. Avoid wrong information.
  16. Apply the principle of diligence.
  17. Assure yourself that you could still make it.
  18. Anoint a new vision!
No matter what mistake you've made, no matter how costly the mistake is, you could still arise from that mistake. All of that should be put behind you.There is a bright future ahead of you. You have  a star in you.
         GO AND SHINE!!! 

Note! Have you made a mistake before in life? Fell free to tell us how you reacted to it in the comment box. thank you!

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