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How to become That Better Employee!

              During an interview, a young man was asked: "What specific goals have you established for this career?". You know his answer? "I want to make money! I want to be as rich as Aliko Dangote of Nigeria and other people."
  Sadly, this is the desire of most job seeking graduates in the developing and underdeveloped countries. They forget that the success of the business means their own success and satisfaction.  They want to make money, more money, and get rich but they forget one thing that is very vital in business- Customer satisfaction. There is no gainsaying the fact that this is one of the most important factors for a growing and successful firm or organization. In Economics, it has been established that the price of a particular commodity is the price at which a customer is willing to buy the product or pay for the service and the price at which a seller agrees to sell the product or offer the service. This is like a chain...

We will see that the customer affects the business, the business affects the employee, the employee in turn affects the business and the cycle continues.This is just to establish the fact that the customer is of much importance to a business organization. When we look at some of the negative and costly attitudes displayed by some employees in both developing and underdeveloped countries, we observe the following:

  1. It has generally become a habit for employees to absent themselves from their places of work or to regularly seek permission for that. In a country like Nigeria, for example, it is a norm for burial ceremonies to take place on Fridays while Thursdays are used for social gatherings. Owing to this, a business organization no longer has 5(five) working days which is from Monday to Friday but three.
  2. Some employees are very incompetent. Most employees lack skill in creating good customer relations. Nigeria has a population of about 120 million people. Suppose I own a business organization that always has direct contact with customers, say a bank or a telecommunications company and I have incompetent employees who display anti-social behaviors towards our customers, how long would it take before the company closes down. Assuming we have 20 million customers, get a profit of about 1 million naira weekly and lose 500 customers weekly, we would have lost 0.0025% of our customers for that week. Business managers understand the costly effects of this kind of phenomena.
     3. Some employees are corrupt. It could be inferred that "because the system is corrupt the individuals are corrupt themselves." Employees are not punctual to their work posts, lack time management skills, play truant, avoid the responsibility of their actions and in some cases cart organizational funds away and vanish into thin air.   
       Now how do I become that better employee who places company and customer interests before mine?
  • Be indispensable.
  • pay much attention to very little detail.
  • Be specific.
  • Stay focused.
  • Be goal oriented.
  • Never forget that the customer is important.
  •  Be satisfied. Find happiness doing your work.
  • Stay cheerful. It radiates from the inside to the outside.
  • Have a positive outlook to life.
Always remember that your success in life and at your place of work depends on the success of your employer.
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