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              It is a general belief that some students especially Engineers, in Nigeria are unemployable.It is very sad that this is happening in our country and we are proud to be called "the Giant of Africa". It is in this context that I want to give some tips to those of us who want to get selected in IT placements.  A major thing that I observed is that most Engineering students are very good. The major drawback, I found, is that they are not properly prepared or trained to face interviews.
        In school, they study, write exams and pass  without actually understanding the implications or applications of it. It is unfortunate that people think that this is the best model of education. Normally, the basic concept of laboratory work and its importance starts at the +2 level. With this background, the students need to understand that unless he gets himself properly trained it is not possible for him to get a proper placement.
                                                Role of Laboratory: 

             Students must sincerely do the lab experiments designed in their curriculum and be thoroughly knowledgeable in all of them. This gives them confidence and a good understanding of the subject which goes a long way in helping them answer the questions in the placement interviews.
                                                Role of Projects: 

             Every student is supposed to do a project in his final year. If he/she genuinely tries to take up a project in the latest technologies he/she will get confidence and also there is a very good chance of getting a job based on his/her work. Unfortunately, many students are resorting to copying the projects done by their seniors and super seniors. This way of copying is counterproductive because the student will not be able to explain the project work confidently as he has no idea about it. The normal procedure for campus placements follows is to have a presentation of the company followed by an aptitude test, group discussions, technical interview and HR interview . At each stage some people are eliminated. Unless a student is thoroughly prepared for all these rounds there is very little chance that he/she makes it to the selected list.
                                              Presentation about the company:

                The student should know well in advance about the company’s visit to their school for placements. It is advisable that those students who are seeking employment in that company go to the company’s website and see what the company is doing, what are the areas in which it is working etc. If this is done, then during the presentation they can interact with the company people who come to interview. This certainly gives a good impression.
                                            Aptitude test:

         After the presentation the students normally have to appear for an aptitude test. The test contains questions from school; algebra, geometry, time and distance, time and work, problems on clocks, mensuration, probability, profit & loss,pipes & cisterns, logical reasoning, blood relationships, calendar calculations etc. The problems may not be difficult to solve but the time is more important.This comes only by practice. So students are advised to practice these types of problems which can be downloaded from the Internet.
                                          Group Discussion:

            Those selected in the aptitude test will be called for group discussion. In the GD round, there are a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people in a group. The topic of the discussion is normally related to the contemporary issues related to that particular engineering discipline. The students who have a positive outlook and those who lead the discussion score over the others. Hence, students need to be dynamic, assertive and positive in their attitude in this round. Students are advised to discuss various topics as groups whenever they have leisure in the college. This gives some practice to face the interview.
                                       Technical round:
           The next round is the technical round. The questions are mostly on the core subjects and on the fundamentals. Students need to be thorough and confident in the fundamentals of the subject. It is not expected that the student answers all questions correctly ,but he/she must be reasonably good and confident about the subject. Here the communication and presentation skills plays a major role because many students know the answer but they are not able to express it properly due to fear or lack of communication skills. They can be over-come this practicing with their classmates.

Some useful tips:

The following tips will be useful in getting a good placement, if followed, scrupulously.
Know more about the company by browsing the net before appearing for the interview.
• Practice problems related to the topics of the aptitude test.
• Be thorough in at least in one subject of your choice so that you can encourage the interviewer to ask more questions in that subject.
• Be well dressed.
• Be professional in approach.
• Improve your communication skills.
• Practice group discussions with your classmates and peers.
• Prepare well and be confident. Remember that the others are your classmate and they are no greater than you.
• Be positive in attitude while answering the questions.

                                                                  HR round:
                      The last round is the HR round. In this round, the interviewer tries to see the psychology, working habits and background of the students to assess whether he/she fits into the frame work of their company and how they behave in critical times. Normally, the success of all the other rounds has bearing on this as well So students are advised to be positive in out look, look confident and well dressed so that they can convey a good message even before they are questioned.
                                                           Dress code:

One should remember that the first impression is the best impression. Hence it is advisable to come well dressed to the aptitude test itself (or the presentation itself). The dress code is normally corporate ie shirts and trousers (preferably long sleeves) well tucked in. They are expected to wear shoes and for ladies it is a light colored dress. However, I have observed that the students who come in tucked in for the first time are more nervous because of the uneasiness they have when as they wear it for the first time. Hence it is advisable to make a habit to always come well dressed to classes. Finally, it is said that Rome was not built in a day, make hay while the sun shines.

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