Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Students Competition 2016

f you read my post, “how to be a balanced student”, now’s the right time to put that to action.
The Unilever Africa Idea Trophy is a competition for all students across the African continent. It is a development initiative that aims to create a learning experience that focuses on personal and entrepreneurial competences among students.
Unilever Africa Idea Competition

It is a very creative experience where you learn how business works in real life by creating your own ideas. This also helps you develop your own skills and competences.

Here’s how the student competition works

  • ·         The Unilever Idea Trophy, a multi-level competition, call on students to come deal with real business issues related to Unilever.
  • ·         The competition is done in stages and competitors move through each stage, building their experience and skills and developing  business wisdom.
  • ·         Competitors are free to join as individuals or as a team.
  • · The individual just has to submit his details along with his idea.
  • ·         If a team, a team representative submits his/her details and uses this excel sheet to submit the details of the team members along with their idea.

Requirements for the student contest

1.       The Unilever Africa Idea Trophy is a student competition for African University students.
2.       All teams must have their representative submit their details using this  excel sheet along with their idea.
3.       Please, ensure that every member of a team is from the same University.
4.       For this year’s brief, we require you to submit an advert idea for Closeup toothpaste, in text. You can download the details here.
5.       The idea should have a maximum of 250 words, must be creative, inspiring and express the need for physical closeness.

What will I gain from this?

·         You could win a trip to the Global Future Leader’s League at one of Unilever’s global hubs!
·         You could also win a highly coveted Internship at Unilever- Number one FCMG employer of choice among students in over 32 countries!

Find this post interesting, please share with your family and friends. Watch out for my next post on a scholarship program for students.

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