Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to be a balanced Student.

ome students say, " I just want to get good grades and then graduate with very high points ". My answer, a simple and emphatic No!. Why, that's not how balanced students think. Balanced students are very good in class and also engage in extra-curricular activities. They join student competitions, sports,etc. They gain scholarships. Did I just say that? yes, I did.
First of all, information about scholarships are virtually everywhere. You find them on the internet, on school notice boards, hear friends talk about them. 

balanced students shine like the star

Now, I don't blame you if you haven't got one but I just want to help you make use of this great opportunity.

       Some people don't get scholarships because of the following reasons

1) They weren't informed when the Scholarship was out. You can avoid this by simply subscribing to a good scholarship site ( add a link to the homepage here). When you've done this, there's no need to go searching for scholarships anymore. The site you subscribed to, sends you alerts and this makes life easier. All you've got to do is check your mail regularly and register for them after you've checked that you satisfy their requirements.

2) Some people feel their grades or Cumulative grade point average, (CGPA) is too low but trust me, most scholarships don't require you having to be a first-class student with a CGPA between say 4.5-5. You could get a good sponsorship even with a GP as low as 3 or 3.5. If you've lost motivation, you could read my post, " when you've lost all hope ", and get standing on your feet emotionally, or how to correct your mistakes.

3)  Quite a few number of scholars still believe that scholarships are for the elites, the rich, those who have" the right connections ". This believe is not true. Times have changed. Student sponsorship are awarded by merit so if you think you've got the guts to compete with others, it's free. Just get registered and you're in.
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         Being a great scholar isn't about academics alone. You've got to engage in extra-curricular activities, sports, competitionsinnovation awards,etc

Watch out for my next post," How to search for scholarships properly ". Thanks for reading this post.

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