Friday, 1 April 2016


Appreciation can spice your relationships

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche
    People have been asking,'how do I make this relationship better'? ' How do I make it free of frictions? 'How do I stabilize my relationship'?
One of my simple answers, Appreciation! 
That sounds familiar right? This is actually something that's very basic, so simple.Everyone loves and needs to be appreciated contrary to the believe that females need appreciation more. It's worthy of note that appreciation doesn't come naturally from people. 

These are some reasons I think are responsible for this...

  • The "it's their responsibility'' attitude: We feel ''it's their responsibility'' to do whatever it is that deserves our gratitude.We say to ourselves, " why appreciate her for what she's supposed to do", "I don't have to be grateful, it's his job!"
  • Ego: oftentimes, there is the trouble of Machismo. This may be peculiar to the male folk. We have this belief that some emotional expressions are meant to be expressed by the female folk. "I'm the Macho man, he says."

How does Appreciation add Value to our friendships

  1. It gives the person appreciated a sense of belonging. "Wow, he noticed that I took care of that",  she says. This makes people do more for us because we appreciate even their little efforts.
  2. In addition to people working hard just to get more appreciation, they sometimes go beyond their limits. This creates more value for us and increases productivity of an organization when the staff are appreciated by the management. 
  3. It saves you from having a nagging friend! Who would be comfortable when all they strive to accomplish for you, goes unnoticed? 
  4. Finally, Appreciation keeps you going! It gives you the "everybody loves me mindset!" It keeps your relationships stable and adds quality to your life.
               Appreciation goes a long way in stabilizing and enriching your relationships and friendships. Give it a try today, appreciate someone, quit being ungrateful and see what great positive results you get! 
 What are some other ways appreciations adds value to your life, we look forward to your comments in the comment box below! Please, share this post to your family and friends. Let's get the word out and see what impacts we make on society. Thanks a lot!!!

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