Wednesday, 19 August 2015


"Accept  responsibility  for  your  life. Know that  it  is  you  who  will  get  you where  you  want  to  go,  no  one  else.”
                                                     - Les Brown

Yes,we can! That was the statement President Barack Obama used in his presidential campaign.
But what is success? Everyone has a peculiar answer to this question. A missionary will define it as converting many people to his religion in many countries, states, etc. A business man defines it as his fat bank account. A civil worker defines it as getting to the top most rank in his field of work. A student defines it as being the best in his field of study.
Success, simply is, getting profitable satisfaction from what one is doing. Many, as we know, aspire for greatness. Many, there are, that want to succeed but few are willing to pay the price. Some erroneously think that being rich is all about getting more money. John D. Rockefeller ,when asked how much money a man needed, replied: just a little more.

Many also pay the price but don't succeed because they are not in the right place. We need to succeed but before then, we need to approach the creator of success so we shall know his will and plan for us.
These are 10 things we need on our road to success

1) The God factor
2) Self discipline
3) Perseverance and Doggedness
4) Conviction
5) Right knowledge of Purpose
6) Focus
7) Time management
8) Determination
9) Diligence
10) Devotion

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